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Petite actress Countess Vaughn (pictured), whose zany ways made us laugh on such popular TV shows as “Moesha” and “The Parkers,” has now revealed the nightmare she’s lived through with the serious infection she contracted due to her use of lace front wigs. Vaughn recently appeared on the popular daytime show “The Doctors” to openly talk about the infection that nearly ravaged her scalp.

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Vaughn, who has been out of the public eye for a while now, admits that her five-year-long love affair with lace front wigs, which required her to use a glue adhesive, caused a severe scalp infection that resulted in hair loss, pus-filled blisters, scarring, discoloration, and even a facial infection.

Vaughn admits that even after she discovered that she could have a scalp infection, she allowed the infection to worsen over a six-month period because she could not even fathom letting go of the wigs that somehow helped to increase her sense of self-worth.

Now 35 years old and a Mother to a young daughter, Vaughn has been left with scarring all around her head, front to back, and a diminished hairline that she has to fill in with eyeliner. Vaughn also has severe discoloration all around her hairline front and back as well, which sadly resembles the skin disease vitiligo.

Vaughn admitted that she was afraid to venture out of her home because of her condition, stating through tears, “I was embarrassed. You have to be at home and be bald,“ she lamented.  The once-popular teen actress then looked in the direction of her little girl and said, “I had to go through this to teach my little one that you have to love yourself before anyone else will.”

Lace front wigs, which are usually worn by African-American women, are now being studied, and researchers have finally concluded that they could be the culprit behind the prevalence of forehead cancer in Black females. The hair glue has even been known to cause death from those who are allergic to its ingredients.

Obviously, Vaughn is not the only celeb who has suffered from the prolonged use of wigs.  Super-model Naomi Campbell (pictured in bikini) and Serena Williams (pictured above) have hair-raising tales to tell as both have experienced severe hair loss due to the prolonged use of wigs.

See Vaughn’s touching interview on “The Doctors” here:

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