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Finding your dream job can happen in a variety of ways, ranging from volunteering, mentoring, interning, or participating on a charity or advisory board for a company. While these opportunities aren’t news to ambitious professionals with dreams of corporate or entrepreneurial success, it is advice that is easier to give or receive than it is to actually do. The result is often that seeking other avenues for professional development gets put on the back burner because we get consumed with life, which results in getting sidetracked about planning for the future.

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It’s important to pursue other interests that could lead to new relationships and that could in turn lead to new opportunities to find that dream job of yours. You never know who you are meeting and where it may lead to down the line. Your interactions today may be your unofficial interview for your dream job in three years, so always present yourself as you see the future version of yourself.

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Start by asking yourself if what you are doing today is actively helping you to stay relevant and current in the industry that you want to be a part of. Being aware of industry trends and developments speaks volumes to your passion, dedication and determination to not only being your best, but providing the best of what you have to offer. The conversation you have with yourself about finding your dream job shouldn’t remain a little voice in your head. Sharing your passion and desire to land your dream job by asking for direction, help, and advice is necessary to move forward. Step away from the “I’m afraid to ask” frame of mind. You don’t always get what you may think you deserve, but you may get what you thoughtfully and succinctly ask for. So strategize and go get it!

Lauren Maillian Bias is the author of the business memoir, “The Path Redefined: Getting To the Top On Your Own Terms.” She is a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and CEO of LMB Group, a strategic marketing company.