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How to set priorities and what to actually prioritize is more difficult now than ever – we are all trying to keep up with the competing goals and pressures in our lives, all designed to deliver varying types of satisfaction and fulfillment.

During my entrepreneurial career, I have learned that I work and perform at my best when I am the best version of myself, which means that I have learned to prioritize me. Not in a selfish way, but out of pure necessity, I have learned to unapologetically make myself a priority. I am the best businessperson when I am the person who feels their best. Accomplishing that ranges from me prioritizing the projects and responsibilities in my day-to-day life that will get me the most mileage or breathing room so that I can turn my attention to the next important task on my list, and it sometimes translates into something as pure and simple as making time for yoga or the gym so that I can give myself the well deserved recovery time that I need to have the endurance to return to my demanding work life.

Being able to intuitively know when I genuinely need my recovery time has become a game changer for me professionally. It has shown me how to manage some of the most pressured and seemingly insurmountable and difficult situations with a level of grace and ease that only someone who is truly centered in their core and at peace with themselves can do. The outward expression of this level of composure is that I stay cool under pressure and I know why it is important for me to prioritize the big picture instead of the granular issues and minutia.

As a marketer, I like being able to measure results and predict outcomes to the extent that that is possible, so I will often prioritize any opportunity that allows me to de-risk a situation because by removing impediments I can anticipate results which is invaluable. I prioritize methods and strategies that ensure my personal and professional success.

Lauren Maillian Bias is the author of the business memoir, “The Path Redefined: Getting To the Top On Your Own Terms.” She is a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and CEO of LMB Group, a strategic marketing company.

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