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An arrest warrant has reportedly been issued for funny man Mike Epps (pictured above) who will probably not be doing a lot of laughing after police get a hold of him for his alleged role in the brutal beatdown of Atlanta comedian Lavar Walker (pictured), according to WSB-TV.

The violent altercation involving Walker reportedly took place on Saturday night outside an Atlanta comedy club. According to Atlanta police, Walker made a 15-second Instagram video that poked fun at Epps and his alleged feud with comedian and actor Kevin Hart. Epps reportedly started the feud when he called Hart “overrated” during a radio appearance. Hart shot back on Twitter.  The parody also shows Walker performing an impression of Epps with white powder on his nose.

The 43-year-old actor, producer and writer, who is best-known for his role as “Day-Day” in Ice Cube’s “Friday” series of films, apparently did not find the video funny at all, but rather insulting.

Watch Lavar Walker talk about the video he made about Mike Epps and Kevin Hart here:


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Walker’s lawyer, Chris Stewart, alleges that Epps and a couple of unidentified “henchmen” approached Walker after his comedy stint at the club and asked to meet him outside. Moments after Walker met the men, they allegedly proceeded to beat him up.  Stewart told WSB-TV, “That’s not funny and for this to all happen over that Instagram joke is ridiculous.”

Another comedian at the club, Bo Micadelic, reportedly witnessed the entire thugfest telling WSB-TV, “I was shocked by it all to go down like that, especially with Mike Epps who’s supposed to be a superstar. Why would he get involved in something?”

Walker allegedly did not have a chance to defend himself, because he was allegedly struck about the face and torso by one of the unidentified men immediately after stepping outside of the venue where he had performed. Micadelic claims that Walker was coldcocked and “he was basically pleading for them to stop,” he told WSB-TV.

Police records indicate that as Walker tried to summon police, Epps taunted him by allegedly stating, “Are you going to call the police now?’ And then he allegedly said, ‘Don’t make any more videos of me.”  The performer then sped away in a red Ferrari and the other two men reportedly left the scene in a Yukon.

Walker, who reportedly suffered a neck injury, bruises, and lacerations, had to be taken to a hospital for treatment.  Stewart claims his client will go after Epps by filing criminal charges and a civil suit.

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