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The majority of Black Americans sympathize more with Israel in the ongoing conflict in the Middle East than with Palestine. That’s according to a recent survey from Pew.

The poll was conducted between July 8th and July 14th, sampled 1,805 adults and found that 43 percent of Blacks sided with Israel. Just 20 percent sided with the Palestinians, the most among any racial group. More than 15 percent chose to not take a side and two percent said they sympathized with both nations. Here are additional insights from Pew:

Currently, 51% of Americans say that in the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, they sympathize more with Israel. Just 14% sympathize more with the Palestinians, while 15% volunteer that they sympathize with neither side and 3% sympathize with both.

White evangelical Protestants remain more likely than members of other religious groups to sympathize more with Israel than the Palestinians (70%). White evangelical Protestants make up nearly a third of Republicans (31% of all Republicans and Republican leaners), so this accounts for at least some of the partisan gap in sympathies. However, even among Republicans who are not white evangelicals, two thirds (66%) sympathize more with Israel than the Palestinians. This compares with 78% of white evangelical Republicans. Read more.

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