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Legendary singer/writer/producer extraordinaire, Stevie Wonder (pictured) is going to be a daddy…for the eighth time! Wonder is reportedly expecting triplets with fiancée Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, who is 24 years his junior, according to The National Enquirer.

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The man who created a musical encyclopedia of classics that will forever live on already has seven children from previous unions and allegedly fathered yet another child last year when Bracy gave birth without fanfare.

Wonder, who is 64 years young, was reportedly taken aback somewhat when he was informed about the impending pregnancy but is now beyond ecstatic. An unnamed source who spoke to the tabloid stated, “Stevie never thought he’d be a Father again so late in life. It may not have been planned, but now he’s excited!”

Wonder penned one of his greatest hits in 1976, “Isn’t She Lovely,” in honor of the birth of his daughter Aisha. As a matter of fact, Aisha is heard crying at the beginning of the song. Wonder had Aisha with Yolanda Simmons, whom he mentions near the need of the song: “Londi, it could have not been done without you who conceived the one.” In 2005, Aisha sang a duet with her famous dad on his song “How Will I Know.”

Wonder, who has had a stellar career, has also been in such demand over the years that he readily admits he missed out on a lot of important milestones in the lives of his children. The super busy Wonder, however, has reportedly learned to put family first, and over the recent years, has fully submerged himself in the role of “Daddy.”

“He’s been going to all the doctor’s visits and scans with Tomeeka. He actually can’t wait until the birth. Stevie missed so much of his other children’s upbringings, he’s vowed to be there for their children and for his soon-to-be new wife,” the insider revealed.

Wonder, who is still a hot ticket, is planning to launch a nationwide tour next month.

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