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Atlanta’s go-to celeb attorney and star of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Phaedra Parks (pictured) is now legally being forced to spill any dirt she has on her jailbird husband, Apollo Nida, in an upcoming deposition, according to TMZ.

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Parks will reportedly be questioned by the attorneys who represent the author Angela Stanton, whom Parks sued along with Vibe Holdings, which operates, Uptown Magazine, and Augustus Publishing, for a reported $30 million for defamation.

Stanton, a former friend of Parks, wrote the 2012 e-book, “Lies of a Real Housewife,” where she accused Parks of managing a “criminal enterprise” consisting of  “fraudulent bank accounts, insurance checks, fake IDs, chop shops, stolen cars, fraudulent titles, [and] fraudulent registration cards.”

The book’s description claims Stanton once lived “a hustler’s life of crime with none other than ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’s’ own southern belle, Phaedra Parks.”

Parks’ lawsuit states, though:

“In its entirety, the book falsely portrays the relationship between Plaintiff and Stanton as that of friends and accomplices in criminal activity” and “conveys a picture of Plaintiff as a crooked attorney engaged in a multitude of criminal acts, who conspires with Stanton to commit these acts, and who then uses Stanton in an effort to escape criminal liability for those acts.”

Parks had already been deposed once with regards to her husband’s case but attorneys deemed her responses “evasive and incomplete,” according to Radar Online. Reportedly, Parks was pretty mum about specifics involving Nida — who is serving an eight-year sentence for mail, wire, and bank fraud — refusing to discuss information “that have the strongest relevance to the instant case, thus thwarting truth-finding function to the discovery process and impending ‘the progress of this case and possible rulings…,’” states a court document according to Radar Online.

In another question, Parks was asked whether Nida “recently pled guilty to a number of federal financial crimes,” Parks reportedly said at the time, “I will not be discussing my husband.”

But now Parks will reportedly have to sit through a second deposition and totally come clean about her knowledge of Nida’s criminal extracurriculars.  Stanton’s lawyers, who have reportedly been trying to pin down Parks since last year, will allegedly need for her to be forthright in answering questions so that they can better build on their defense in the defamation case.

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