The next time you hear Stevie Wonder’s amazing version of "Happy Birthday," remember everything Dr. King stood for.


The iconic musical artist and producer Stevie Wonder is headlining the May 2023 cruise! Stevie Wonder is a 25 Grammy Award winner, an Academy Award winner and has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

Good News

Legendary musical genius Stevie Wonder will receive an honorary degree from Wayne State University.

A Questlove Jawn, the documentary dazzles viewers in the nearly two-hour exploration into the overlooked festival in the summer of 1969.

Good News

A Los Angeles intersection has been named after legendary music mogul Berry Gordy.


Stevie Wonder’s birthday was Sunday, but it seems like the celebration has been under way since at least last week. And if he has his way, it won’t stop anytime soon.

Stevie Wonder and Beyonce criticized climate change deniers at the “Hand in Hand” hurricane relief telethon. Wonder called them "blind" to the facts.


Dr. Brandon Rogers, a talented singer, died in a car crash before he had a chance to compete on the show.

The Queen Of Soul's final album at the end of 2017 will feature Stevie Wonder.


After over nine hours of meeting Republican and Democratic leaders in the state could not devise a concrete plan for a repeal.


The President and Mrs. Obama have shown their love for black art (and artists)—from poetry and spoken word to actors and singers— throughout this most historic presidency.

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