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(photo credit: We Charge Genocide)

Chicago youths representing the activist group We Charge Genocide (pictured above) started a silent protest during the Committee against Torture at the United Nations in Geneva this past Thursday, according to The Straits Times.

The youths stood in protest of the death of Dominique Franklin Jr., a 23-year-old who was killed in May when he slammed his head into a light pole as a result of being tazed by police. He was accosted after stealing a bottle of vodka from a local Walgreens, then tazed twice by police, the second time leading to his untimely death, according to CBS Chicago.

After hitting his head on the pole, Franklin fell face first onto the street, his body quivering, but unresponsive. It would be another 15-20 minutes before medical assistance would arrive on the scene, according to his father, Dominique Franklin Sr. In June, Franklin Sr. was in the process of suing the city of Chicago for the death of his son:

It’s my intent with legal counsel to find out what happened. It’s a duty I owe to my father and our family to find out why my son met an early death.

CBS Chicago states that The Independent Police Review Authority is still investigating this case.

We Charge Genocide is a Chicago-based grassroots organization dedicated to making the voices of victims of police brutality heard.