Dexter Reed was shot and killed by Chicago police last month after they allegedly pulled him over for failing to wear a seatbelt.

Jayden Perkins, 11, was killed in Chicago during a brutal stabbing allegedly carried out by his mother's ex-boyfriend, Crosetti Brand.

Jackie Wilson was awarded a $17 million settlement for his wrongful conviction brought on by the "Chicago police torturers."

Rudolph Williams, 73, claims his door and windows were boarded up in his apartment while he was still in it.


Young Black men represented 93.9% of firearm-related homicide victims in Chicago and 79.3% of gun homicides in Philadelphia.

Sergio Brown had been missing since his mother’s body was found in a creek behind her Maywood home on September 16.  

Activists in Chicago are calling for an investigation into Chicago Public Schools after they fired several Black principles. 

Carlishia Hood is suing Chicago and police officers after she and her son, 14, were arrested over a deadly shooting.


Carlishia Hood was previously accused of directing her 14-year-old son to kill a man in Chicago. Video evidence apparently proved to be all the difference.

Kymera Mitchell garnered much-deserved recognition after being accepted into 19 colleges, nine of which offered her full-ride scholarships. 

Union organizer and former Teacher, Brandon Johnson was elected as Chicago’s next mayor on Tuesday, succeeding Lori Lightfoot.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has lost her bid for reelection, addressed the role her Black race played in her failed campaign during her concession speech.