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Imagine Chiquita Hanley’s (pictured) horror at seeing a surveillance video of her 11-year-old son, Ravon, being choked by one of his teachers in the cafeteria of his DeKalb County, Ga., elementary school. Hanley’s nightmarish incident, which took place on May 22, reportedly occurred because the teacher, Stephanie Fleet, claims she was defending herself against the child who had allegedly struck and cursed at her, according to WXIA-TV.

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Hanley, who was informed about the incident, filed a request with the school district to view the incident involving her son, which was captured on a surveillance camera in the school’s cafeteria. When the Mom reportedly began watching the video, she was reportedly not prepared emotionally for what she was about to witness:

Ravon is seen sitting at a table when Fleet grabs, then chokes, him from behind. The child is lifted out of the chair in the chokehold and dragged across the cafeteria with his feet barely touching the floor.

Fleet is then met in the hallway by two other teachers, who in turn, take him to the principal’s office.

The video does not depict the child causing a disruption of any kind before the chokehold.

According to Fleet, who stands by her actions, she resorted to “an acceptable defensive hold” for Ravon because he allegedly tried to hit her.

The school district placed Fleet on a three-day suspension sans pay, given a letter of reprimand, and put on a professional development plan.

Meanwhile, Hanley says Fleet’s actions are unacceptable, “She choked somebody’s child, and she’s able to get back in to the same building and teach,” she said. “If it was me choking my own child caught on tape, there’s no way that my two kids would still be in the house with me. She should not be teaching.”

The miffed Mom plans on seeking the advice of legal counsel regarding Fleet’s behavior.

Watch video of Fleet’s actions here:

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