Wesley Evans, 20, was likely hoping for a clean escape when he hid in his girlfriend's dishwasher. But he was caught one day after escaping custody at the Jasper Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, according to the New York Daily News.


Customer Antonio Robinson said he was shocked when he noticed one employee dipping her hair into a pot of water in the same area where food was being prepared last week.

It’s been a pretty tough month for Subway, with its most famous spokesman being arrested on child porn charges and now living out foot-long eaters’ worst nightmare. Instead of getting jalapeños or banana peppers, one Subway customer in Oregon got a dead mouse in his sandwich. The unlucky guy, Jay Armstead, found a dripping wet mouse sandwiched between.

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A man in Detroit seems to have taken his fear of spiders too far. While filling up his car at a gas station in Detroit,…


Could Rachel Dolezal, the ex-NAACP leader who was ousted for pretending to be a Black woman for years, be pregnant?


Will the real Rachel Dolezal please stand up? News broke yesterday that Rachel Dolezal, president of the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington chapter, has been misidentifying herself as an African-American woman. After claiming she was the victim of a hate crime, Rachel’s identity came under fire while being interviewed for a local newscast. According to Rachel’s birth parents […]

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It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now and we’re taking a look at all of the insane stories trending in this week’s news. Joining Roland Martin for this week’s play-by-play WTH commentary are WeTV Digital Correspondent MissterRay, radio host Kittie Kaboom, and Radio and TV Personality Lawrence Kelly, aka Sixth Sense. This week’s list of pure foolishness begins on the other side […]

Awards season for students is usually a joyous occasion, but one Texas family was livid to find that their son received something called a “Ghetto Classroom Award.” Two teachers known as Mrs. Garner and Mr. Couch handed out certifies to a 14-year-old and a few other eighth graders at Sulphur Springs Middle School, according to MSN. The certificate […]

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Today is Thursday, so you know what time it is — It’s time for WTH? Thursday on NewsOne Now, and we’re taking a look at all of the insane stories trending in the news. This week’s WTH? commentators include Natasha Eubanks, Founder of theYBF.com, Entertainment Blogger Persia Nicole from 92Q, and Sherri Warren, Regional Director Interscope Records. This week’s list […]

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It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now and we’re taking a look at all of the wild and crazy stories trending in this week’s news. Talk show host Eddie Kayne, entertainment reporter Deja Perez and actor Antonio Lambertis joined Roland Martin in the NewsOne Now studio to handle this week’s WTH? play-by-play commentary. First up … who do you think will […]

With Malia Obama growing up before our very eyes in the White House, we knew the teenager would steal a few hearts, but one admirer will more than likely have President Obama and the Secret Service up in arms. According to the New York Daily News, Kenyan lawyer Felix Kiprono has promised the president 50 cows, 70 […]

It’s WTH?! Thursday on TV One’s NewsOne Now and we’re taking a look at all of the crazy stories trending in this week’s news. This week’s play-by-play commentators include comedian Lav Love, blogger and stylist Rose Barnes, and Street Senators radio show host Lamont King. An unsavory gift from the friendly skies starts our list of WTH? stories — A teen’s Sweet 16 […]