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Life coach, author, and motivational speaker Valorie Burton joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss her new book,”Your 5-Minute Personal Coach,” which tells readers how they can transform their lives in just five minutes, in five days.

Burton told Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel that at the beginning of a new year, people set very large goals and she believes people need to be “intentional.”

The certified life coach explained why her 5-minute, 5-day success challenge can change your life. Burton suggested you take five minutes a day to ask yourself one question a day and ponder it. She said, “These are deep questions that propel you towards your vision, that propel you towards your purpose.”

Burton said what you do with those answers to your questions is what determines what happens next.

Listen to Martin, Valorie Burton and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel discuss the 5-minute, 5-day day success challenge in the audio clip below. Pick up a copy of Burton’s book, “Your 5-Minute Personal Coach” and get the new year started off with a new you.

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