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Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, is not satisfied with the Confederate flag being removed from state Capitols and off retailers’ shelves.

We, as a community and a nation, should not be satisfied either.

During his provocative commentary on Wednesday’s edition of TV One’s morning program, Martin told the viewing audience, “No, I’m not satisfied that the Confederate flag has come down. I’m not satisfied that folks are not just selling them.”

Martin continued, “I’ll be satisfied when cable news talk(s) about the wealth gap disparity in this country. I’ll be satisfied when folks have real conversations about why you can have a Black sounding name and a White sounding name and the exact same resume, but a 50 percent less chance of getting a call back for a job.”

“I’ll be satisfied when media wants to talk about racism in America, but it does not want to deal with their own newsroom and their executive suites — see, I’m not satisfied simply with the same conversation we’ve having,” said Martin. “I’m not having a conversation about the President using the n-word if you don’t deal with what he was talking about when he used the n-word.”

“Folks, don’t get satisfied with the same old, same old — no, this is about fundamental change in this country.”

Then, in an apparent dig to other cable news anchors and networks, Martin said, “If you want to hold a sign up — you hold this sign up” and raised a sign that stated, “NO, I’M NOT SATISFIED!”

Martin then wrapped his commentary saying, “Don’t be satisfied with the status quo” and in essence, proceeded to “drop the mic.”

Watch Roland Martin’s commentary in its entirety in the video clip above.

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