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Washington Post congressional reporter Paul Kane tweeted an apology to his 10,000 followers late Monday after editors mistakenly published a story headlined “Biden to launch presidential campaign,” according to Politico.

Before the apology, Twitter fingers rushed to click on a link that led readers to a Post website titled “Editor’s Note: This file was inadvertently published,” notes the report. Alas, it wasn’t a news story, just a “shell” or advance story that the paper could publish fast in case Vice President Joe Biden announces a run for president.

Per Politico:

Post congressional reporter Paul Kane, whose byline appeared on the article, was quick to tweet out the details. It seems this wasn’t news published before it was ready—just a “shell” story prepared so that the Post could push the button faster in case Biden did announce.

“Earlier tonight, a technical glitch caused publication of a just-in-case/when-we-kno story of VP running for president,” he told his 10,000 followers on Twitter. “It happened when editors were embedding video file. It carries my byline. I regret that it was published accidentally. Deep apologies.”

A Washington Post spokesman confirmed Kane’s account to Politico, saying, “The story was immediately pulled down, and the Post regrets the error.”

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