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An ex-con who kidnapped and brutally tortured his ex-girlfriend has been sentenced to 25 years in prison, Pix11 reports.

Anthony Matthews and the victim dated shortly after Matthews’ release from prison in 2012. In June of that year, Matthews took the unidentified woman from her father’s home in Peekskill, NY, and brought her to his Brooklyn apartment.

From there, Matthews tied her with wires and beat her with a piece of wood. Testimony also said Matthews mutilated the woman by burning her genitals with a screwdriver that was heated with a lighter. He also broke several of her teeth while forcing a gun into her mouth.

After a month-long imprisonment, Matthews dropped the woman off at his mother’s house and instructed her to say she was prostituting herself and was tortured by a man she met on Craigslist. Matthews’ mother took the woman to the hospital after seeing multiple bruises on her body.

Pix11 reports:

District Attorney Ken Thompson said she taken to Woodhull Hospital in septic shock due to a serious infection. She also suffered fractured ribs, spinal damage, lacerated liver, fractured nose, burns all over her body and open wounds that exposed bones.

“The defendant deserves this harsh punishment for his inhumane and barbaric torture of an innocent woman,” Thompson said. “May this sentence bring some solace to the victim for the unimaginable horror that she endured.”

The case received major attention in 2012 when Matthew’s sister claimed the woman self-harmed in order to win Matthews back. Lanette, who did not give her last name, told The New York Daily News the woman was high on drugs when she arrived at her mother’s home. Lanette called her brother a good person who was “loving and playful.”

Matthews’ sentence comes after he was charged with first-degree kidnapping and first-degree assault by a jury.

Matthews previously served time in jail for shooting a man in the buttocks after claiming he was being attacked by the victim and a dozen others in an elevator. He also served 18 months in a juvenile facility on a weapons charge.



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