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School officials in Cobb County, Georgia, banned a slavery educational game and will discipline the teacher who used it, after the grandmother of the only Black student in her classroom complained, WSB-TV reports.

The teacher at Cheatham Hill Elementary School had her lone Black student play the slave in an interactive game on the Underground Railroad. Dice roles determined whether the 10-year-old student would escape slavery or get sent back to a plantation.

Delores Bunch-Keemer told WBS-TV her granddaughter came home “very concerned” from school. She was unlucky in the game, getting caught and returned the plantation six times, where she was beaten.

School officials gave Bunch-Keemer a statement that said they were unaware of the lesson, and they are “taking appropriate personnel action with the teacher.”

The teacher stated the learning activity was not intended to harm her Black student but was a history lesson to teach her fifth-grade class about slavery and the Underground Railroad.

However, Bunch-Keemer said she told the teacher the game was inappropriate.

“If we did a Holocaust game, and people had to roll the dice if they were going to go in the gas chamber, do you see any similarity in that, and she didn’t, that it was wrong,” Bunch-Keemer said, sharing part of her conversation with the teacher to the news outlet.

The teacher was apparently surprised by the grandmother’s reaction, saying no one had complained when she used the game in the past.



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