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An 8-year-old Alabama girl is off to what could become an amazing literary career, and along the way, she’s sparking her classmates’ interest in writing.

In an interview with CBS News, Nia Mya Reese said, at her young age, she has learned a lot about being a big sister to her brother. Nia Mya has learned so much that she decided to write a book, which is now a bestseller on Amazon.

She listed some of the challenges of being the older sibling to an annoying brother: having to tell him “no,” controlling his ballplaying and getting him to listen to her.

“You need to teach him sometimes,” which isn’t always easy because he seldom listens to her instructions. So, she learned to reach him by making those lessons fun.

CBS said the book offers “universal lessons on patience, kindness and love.”

Nia Mya said it took her a few days to write her books, “How To Deal With And Care For Your Annoying Little Brother.”

The idea for the book started as a class assignment in Nia Mya’s first-grade class, her last year teacher Beth Hankins told the outlet.

After completing the assignment, Nia Mya’s mother, Cherinita Reese, encouraged her to polish the assignment over the summer and turn it into a book manuscript.

“Work on your sentences. Work on the spelling, work on the way that it’s worded,” she advised her daughter.

Hankins said Nia Mya’s book ignited excitement at school and is inspiring other students to write their own books.



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