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According to the CDC, the average American consumes a whopping 156 pounds of sugar a year, and that can spell danger in the African-American community given the high rate of diabetes and other health complications. Joining Roland Martin on NewsOne Now is celebrity doctor and author Ian Smith, who shared some examples of how added sugars are prominent in processed foods and how to best avoid them.

The segment opened up with Martin breaking down the CDC’s report which reveals that 29.1 million Americans are suffering from diabetes while 86 million are in danger of developing the disease.

Dr. Smith, who released his latest book Blast the Sugar Out!: Lower Blood Sugar, Lose Weight, Live Better last month, said that while some sugars are fine to consume in the context of fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods, the issue arises when companies and manufacturers added sugar to the final product.

“If you look at a MRI scan of a brain of someone who drinks sugar or consumes sugar, and someone who does cocaine, it lights up the same areas,” Smith said, adding on to NewsOne Now panelist A. Scott Holden’s remarks of a study done on mice using the same substances.

Watch Roland Martin and Dr. Ian Smith discuss the ways to kick the sugar addiction and how to introduce healthier options in the clip above.

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