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Milwaukee County’s former sheriff, David Clarke, just can’t seem to stay away from negative headlines. In the past week, the Naval Postgraduate School alerted him that it would revoke his degree if he doesn’t revise his plagiarized master’s thesis. Clarke went on a 24-hour Twitter tirade days later and was widely rebuked for calling California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters a “Black supremacist.”

Now, Twitter is buzzing with the latest outrage from the Black conservative.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Daniel Bice wrote that Clarke dropped the “F-bomb” on him in response to a couple of email questions about Clarke’s spending of taxpayer dollars for his home security while serving as Milwaukee County’s sheriff.

Here’s Clarke’s answer to the questions: “F – you and the horse you rode in on. I’m David Clarke and I approve this message.” Brice posted a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter.

Bice’s questions stem from the official release of information that Clarke spent more than $225,000 of county funds this year to pay for “round-the-clock security” at his home. It came to light when acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt decided to terminate the security detail, according to Bice.

Clarke is no stranger to controversy surrounding his tenure as sheriff. He’s infamous for overseeing a shoddy county jail system, in which at least four people died, including a baby, The Huffington Post reported.

That’s likely one of the reasons that Clarke was unable to land a White House post after he resigned his sheriff position. He now works as a senior adviser and spokesman with the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action.

SOURCE:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Huffington Post


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