Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters had served in the United States Congress for more than 25 years before she became a viral sensation for Generation Z.

Extremists left violent messages for Waters, calling her a "n----r b---h," and also threatened to kill her with an assault rifle.

GOP congressional members failed to stick a landing in their false comparisons between Greene and Omar in the ongoing fallout to remove Greene from her committee assignments.

Donald Trump may be gone from Washington, but Rep. Maxine Waters refuses to forget the damage he did to democracy and American society at large.

Black members of Congress brought the heat as the House voted to impeach a sitting president for the second time in one term.

Just days ahead of the election, California Rep. Maxine Waters had some choice words for Black voters intending to cast ballots for Donald Trump.

Songstress Janelle Monáe teamed up with Congresswoman Maxine Waters to distribute meals to families in need in Los Angeles.

One group of Republicans on social media took advantage of Maxine Waters' announcement that her sister was "dying" of the coronavirus by trying to shame her.

California Sen. Maxine Waters reminded Donald Trump about all of the errors in his ways of confronting the public health crisis that has only tightened its grip around the U.S. due in no small part to the president's mishandling of it.

Maxine Waters was deep in her bag Thursday morning ahead of the House’ procedural vote on the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against the president.

A clip portrays all of Trump's opponents getting violently attacked.