Terrill Thomas was tortured to death on Sheriff David Clarke's watch.

Former Sheriff David Clarke was fired from at least two positions with organizations that support the president.

Speculation swirls about whether Robert Mueller will investigate David Clarke's connections to a Russian spy.

David Clarke retained his master’s degree after the his school threatened to revoke his degree over multiple instances of plagiarism in his thesis.

David Clarke 's reign of stupidity continues.

A Montana newspaper warned David Clarke that there would be consequences for advocating violence as a keynote speaker for a GOP fundraiser.

The one-day civil trial against former Sheriff David Clarke now goes to the jury.

The former sheriff made a fool out of himself -- again.

Former Sheriff David Clarke must appear in court for trial on Jan. 22 after posting threatening Facebook messages directed a man.

If Trump’s shenanigans already exhausted you this morning, here is some good news, one of his minions  just got shut down. Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is one of the crazies on Twitter. At least once a week, he tweets something offensive, disturbing or downright bizarre.  Last week, he wrongly ranted about the press, claiming […]

We all know former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is anti-Black, anti-human and anti-intellectual. He attacked Rep. Maxine Waters, reportedly plagiarized his master’s thesis, harassed people who accused him of inappropriate police behavior and he is a die-hard Trump fan. Now, Clarke is even angrier after news outlets have done their job by researching a possible civil rights […]

Tempers simmered between David Clarke and Eboni Williams after Clarke mocked civil rights icon John Lewis for not attending the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opening.