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Police reports and witness accounts surrounding the death of Kenneka Jenkins were released on Friday, providing new details related to what transpired before her body was discovered inside a suburban Chicago hotel’s storage freezer, reports the Chicago Tribune.

According to the news outlet, the newly released information quieted the conspiracy theories that were swirling around her death on social media.

Several interviews—conducted by police officials—with people who were at the hotel party where Jenkins was last seen alive indicate that she was intoxicated. Witnesses say she was drinking cognac and wasn’t “acting like her usual self” that evening. They told police that she ended up walking off alone after her friends left her in a hallway so that she could search for her keys and cell phone.

The report mentioned that the employees at Rosemont’s Crowne Plaza O’Hare Hotel checked surveillance footage and law enforcement officials intervened after Jenkins’ loved ones filed a missing persons report.

After the discovery of her body, many people on social media deemed that foul play was involved in her death; prompting authorities to turn there for leads in regards to who was involved, reports the source. One witness contacted police on September 11 claiming that an acquaintance of Jenkins was involved with a gang and may have been paid $200 to have her killed. The report mentions that some individuals believed that Jenkins was “sold” for that amount of money. A friend of Jenkins told the police that the $200 overheard in a Facebook Live video taken at the hotel party referred to a parking fine for using the hotel’s lot without a ticket.

Many people who watched the Facebook Live video claimed that they heard Jenkins calling for help, but the same person said that the “help me” they heard was from a Chief Keef song that was playing.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the police documents show that Jenkins’ body was discovered by a hotel worker on September 10 in a walk-in freezer that was inside of a walk-in cooler. When her body was discovered she was lying face down with one of her shoes off. She also had a small incision on her foot, but there weren’t any other signs of trauma. It still remains a mystery as to why the freezer was on if the kitchen wasn’t being used.

Police reports also show that Jenkins’ mother—Tereasa Martin—rejected the police’s requests to have her daughter’s phone examined as part of the investigation because she didn’t believe that there was anything suspicious on the phone, reports the news outlet.

According to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office, Jenkins’ cause of death was hypothermia with alcohol intoxication. They also discovered a drug that was used to combat migraines and epilepsy, but there were no illegal drugs found in her system.

Jenkins was laid to rest on September 30. Her mother’s attorneys filed a motion on October 6 for the hotel to preserve the security camera footage from the night that Jenkins went missing.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune


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