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An armed man who broke into a secure area of an Amtrak train with an alleged intent to commit a terrorist act turned out to be a White supremacist who wants to kill African Americans, the Lincoln Journal Star reported. This puts a spotlight on the GOP’s negligence to consider White supremacist groups as terrorist organizations that threaten the nation.

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Taylor Michael Wilson, who expressed an interest in “killing Black people,” traveled with members of a White supremacists group to Charlottesville in August for the United the Right rally, FBI Special Agent Monte Czaplewski noted about Wilson’s background when federal authorities unsealed court documents on Wednesday.

Police in Nebraska arrested Wilson, 26, on Oct. 22 after fellow passengers and the conductor on an Amtrak train subdued him. An assistant conductor had discovered Wilson in the engineer’s seat of the follow engine “playing with the controls.” Wilson was armed with a .38-caliber handgun in his waist, a speed loader in his pocket and a National Socialist Movement business card. A search of his backpack uncovered three more speed loaders, a box of ammunition, electronic devices and other weapons. Federal prosecutors charged Wilson in U.S. District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska with terrorism attacks and other violence against railroad carriers and mass transportation systems. The authorities allege that he possessed devices and firearms “to engage in criminal offenses against the United States.”

Democrats pressed Republican leaders to take a close look at White supremacy groups in the aftermath of Charlottesville. The top five House Democrats called on Speaker Paul Ryan to establish a select committee on “the rise of White supremacy and domestic terrorism,” warning that they pose a threat to “the security and stability of our nation,” the New York Times reported. But the calls have fallen  on deaf ears. Instead, many Republicans like Wisconsin’s Rep. Sean Duffy have chosen to rationalize that White supremacists are not as bad as Islamic extremists.

SOURCE:  Lincoln Journal Star


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