White supremacy

The fact that the officers were Black doesn’t change the underlying issues of policing, brutality and white supremacy.   

Mock slave auctions are not rare occurrences.

A viral video shows a Pflugerville teacher tell students near Austin that white people are the "superior" race. The teacher was not fired.

Nothing blinds you more than hate and fear, the two traits that best describe white supremacy.

After the Saint Paul interim police chief gave remarks, Mingus took the opportunity to talk about the issues with policing.

“Show & Tell” succeeds well in describing and criticizing, through many examples, how whiteness works.

Defending democracy continues beyond the Jan. 6 hearings writes Lawyers' Committee CEO and President Damon T. Hewitt.

Former Marine Matthew Belanger is accused of buying illegal weapons and planning hate crimes, including using rape to create a "white ethno-state."

The fight for abortion access is also deeply tied to abolition.

Their testimony comes 58 years after three voting organizers were killed by the KKK for helping to register Black voters in Mississippi.

Celebrating freedom and Black liberation requires continuous efforts to organize beyond the Juneteenth holiday. White supremacy has always been threatened by Black political participation and multiracial coalition-building. 

Prosecuting far-right groups has tended to be very difficult.