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When all else fails — blame Black and brown people. Of course Trump has mastered this philosophy. Lack of jobs, crime and terrorism are all blamed on immigrants with melanin. Well, it looks like a Staten Island got the same racist memo.

According to NBC, 52 year-old Lizzie Dunn claims a panhandling Black woman attacked her at a bus stop and “sprayed her with liquid when she wouldn’t hand over a cigarette.” The liquid was acid. She ran to a nearby deli, 911 was called and a deli worker said it looked like her face was melting off. Dunn was treated at Staten Island University Hospital for second-degree burns. See below:

After a police investigation, it was discovered she wasn’t attacked by a Black woman, the wounds were self-inflicted. Dunn eventually admitted to making up the entire story. Reportedly, she sprayed the acid on her face at home, but she didn’t reveal why she sprayed the acid on herself.

Dunn could have mental health issues, but to blame a Black woman panhandler equals a downright bigot. Furthermore, there is a long history of white people blaming Black people for crimes. Susan Smith famously said a Black man killed her kids in 1994, when she was the one who drowned her two children. Even as recent as 2016, an imaginary Black man was blamed for trying to abduct two children in South Carolina — in reality, the kids just wanted to skip school.

Damn, even non-existent Black people are criminals.



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