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Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry is using his platform to pay it forward. After hearing a story about a small Georgia-based church that had their van stolen, he found it in his heart to purchase a new van for the church members, WSB-TV reported.

The van that was stolen belonged to the Lighthouse Community Church which is based in Stockbridge, the news outlet writes. Members of the church say that upon arriving for service last week, they noticed the van was missing and saw shattered glass from one of its windows in the spot where it was parked. The church van was not only integral for Lighthouse Community Church, but it was utilized by others in the local community as well. It was the primary mode of transportation to bring youngsters in Stockbridge to and from local activities and events.

After being informed about the story through WSB-TV, Perry contacted one of the church members to share that he would replace the van. According to the Daily Mail, Perry shared how he was heartbroken over the incident and simply wanted to help. The van was picked up at a local dealership on Friday morning by church members.

“Just his generosity, his willingness to help us here … he didn’t have to do this,” church administrator Cindy Smith told the news outlet. “He took the time to call us and to offer this to us and we’re completely in awe and overwhelmed and excited and we know that the Lord touched his heart to do this.”

This isn’t the first time that Tyler Perry has used his resources to give back to local communities. A few years ago, Perry donated $45,000 to save an Atlanta youth center called Young People Matter that was on the verge of shuttering.


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