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Movie mogul, playwright, director and actor extraordinaire Tyler Perry (pictured with kids) is known for being generous with his fortune. Perry has supported such causes as HIV/AIDS research, the NAACP, and organizations that champion forgotten issues. Now he has rallied around an Atlanta youth center, Young People Matter (YPM), which was on the brink of closing its doors. Thanks to Perry’s generous $45,000 donation, the center can now remain open, according to 11 ALIVE.

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The center was scheduled to shut down its neighborhood services on September 30th, because its federal funding would have run out. When Perry reportedly got wind that YPM was in dire straits financially, the artist donated $45,000 in celebration of his 45th birthday to the center so that it can continue to remain open at least through the end of the year.

Perry visited YPM on Saturday to meet with the organization heads and also with some of the children who frequent the center. YPM is metro Atlanta’s only emergency shelter for children ages 18 and under. Since the organization was founded in 2007,  it has thus far helped to change the lives of some 6,000-plus youths and their families by performing such charitable acts as getting young prostitutes and homeless kids off the streets, offering assistance to runaways, reuniting kids with their families, strengthening family ties, and guiding young people on how to execute future goals.

If you feel that Young People Matter matters and are interested in donating, go here.

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