"Credulous Dollar" starts trending on Twitter as a jab to prosperity gospel minister Creflo Dollar.

His church New Birth Missionary Baptist Church receives backlash.


The coronavirus pandemic is forcing faith leaders to come up with new ways to reach their communities, with many turning to online platforms to perform rituals.


He also has a shocking history of other criminal claims.


Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Gainesville, Georgia was the 16-year-old's target.

One viral Twitter thread questioned whether Kanye West's Sunday Service was merely a way to sell the Black church experience to his devoted, wealthy, non-white fans.

A Louisiana parish has more questions than answers after three historically Black churches caught on fire in 10 days.

A study found that Black men are among the most religious in America.

Good News

After learning that the Lighthouse Community Church in Atlanta had their van stolen, Tyler Perry gifted the church with a new one.

Five Morristown, New Jersey black were vandalized overnight.

Donnie McClurkin, the gospel singer and pastor, says Donald Trump's critics should try a more godly approach.