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A Black teen from North Carolina is using her artistry as an avenue for philanthropy. Camryn Green, 13, has sold hundreds of her original paintings and donated most of the proceeds to support children in Liberia, The News & Observer reported.

The self-taught artist began painting at the age of 4 and after perfecting her craft she and her mother created a Facebook page dubbed Camryn’s Creations where she sold her work, the news outlet writes. She started selling her artwork at 8-years-old and has sold over 500 pieces ever since. Green wanted to ensure that the funds from her paintings—which range from $20 to $100—were being allocated towards making a positive impact. Some of the money is given to orphans in Liberia who can’t afford to attend school.

“I have a friend from Liberia, and his mom has always told me how bad it was for the orphans. Since I was little, I always wanted to help them, so when I started my business I immediately wanted to do something,” Green told the news outlet. “I’ve been able to sponsor a yearly scholarship for a young lady named Princess for two years, and we’re doing it this year too.” She also uses her earnings for her college fund and puts some of it back into her business.

Green—who has also added the title author to her repertoire with the creation of a children’s book that features her artwork—says she pulls inspiration for her art from African artists and loves painting Black women with Afros and nature scenes.

Several Black teens are creating projects that are tied to social good. A 17-year-old girl from Memphis launched a monthly subscription box that promotes reading amongst African-American children in an effort to change the major racial disparity in youth literacy.


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