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Omarosa finally got booted from Celebrity Big Brother and now she is on a press tour. Lord knows Omarosa loves the press. The reality show disaster is talking about many of the foolish things she  said on the show, especially when she compared making $179,700 at the White House to a plantation.

When she was still on the show, Omaorsa said,  “I have been so loyal to the point where people are like looking at me like something is wrong. She then added,  “Oh, freedom, I’ve been emancipated. I feel like I just got freed off of a plantation.”

Watch the foolishness below:

This week, Omarosa appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert who forced her to explain the ridiculous statement, which is clearly a false equivalency. Colbert said, “That has certainly a disturbing resonance for me, and I’m not an African-American.” Omarosa responded with, “The White House that I worked in, the Trump Administration, was troubling, and it was very difficult. And my analogy of it being a plantation, being an ecosystem where people feel oppressed, is pretty clear when you aren’t allowed to do the job that you were brought to do, to help be a change agent, to help be the liaison for communities that needed that assistance, that’s where that oppression comes from.” Watch below, the moment is around the seven-minute mark.

As we said before, slaves on plantations were there by no choice of their own. Omarosa enthusiastically joined the Trump administration and even said people would “bow down” to him.

Girl, please.


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