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Former press secretary for Bernie Sanders and CNN commentator Symone Sanders is one of few Black women in heavy rotation on cable news. Her analysis is sharp, witty and provocative, but some people can’t seem to handle her style. A troll even went as far to give Sanders fashion advice — as if she needs it. But this person learned the hard way, don’t come for Symone unless she sends for you, whether it’s on CNN or Twitter.

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See the question and comment below that Symone received.

There are countless women on television who are decked out in all types of glamour. Why is Symone being questioned? You know the answer to that question as does Ms. Sanders.

In a classy takedown, the Omaha native wrote, “I’m fully aware that when I show up curvy, with a low cut, a bold lip, an oversized bow, amazing nails & a chilling analysis…people don’t know how to take it. B/c I am not ‘supposed’ to be able to give you solid political commentary with a bedazzled nail right?” She also added, “I have no problem showing up authentically as Symone and delivering. The problem is most of y’all aren’t comfortable. Some of y’all keep showing up as K. Ashely when your name is really Keisha.”

See some of her responses below:

Thank you, Symone. Whether or not that troll knows it, having Ms. Sanders slaying it on television as her authentic self inspires so many other up and coming commentators to do the same. To read the full thread, click here.

Watch one of Symone’s most famous moments in the video below.


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