There is now just one Black cable news TV anchor during the evening hours.

Bernard Shaw, a pioneering Black TV broadcast journalist and CNN's first chief anchor, died of pneumonia not related to COVID-19. He was 82.

Black people in Appalachia are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The second episode of the W. Kamau Bell series "United Shades of America" travels to Central Appalachia to share the stories of Black people living and thriving in the region.

The announcement that Symone Sanders would join MSNBC as a host of new programs draws attention to the growing slate of Black pundits who have been slaying on cable news shows for years now.

During an interview with CNN, Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears came through with a picture-perfect example of what makes her a white nationalist sockpuppet as she decried Critical Race Theory while obfuscating what it actually is.

A viral tweet from CNN reporter Kasie Hunt threatened to cover scorned "suburban women" -- aka white women -- who voted for Biden instead of Trump if paid family leave was left out of the Build Back Better framework. Spoiler alert: It was.

Another example of how "cancel culture" never actually cancels out white men.

To say Charles was well respected would be an understatement, with news of her unexpected passing rocking many to the core. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Charles brought her passion for justice with her from the courtroom into the studio.

Sidner's emotional reaction broke the fourth wall that many journalists uphold in order to deliver objective, fact-based reporting.

Comedian Leslie Jones amped up her spicy commentary on Twitter Wednesday night when she gave a play-by-play on Donald Trump's baseless claims around election fraud.

The St. Louis man in a viral video speaks out.