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A racist candidate running for congress out of New Jersey may have won his primary last week, but fear not: He’s unlikely to beat his well-funded Democratic opponent.

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Seth Grossman, a Republican, refused to apologize on Monday after a video clip of him making ciontroversial comments surfaced, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“The whole idea of diversity is a bunch of crap and un-American,” the 69-year-old former Atlantic City councilman said at a Republican campaign forum in April. A Democratic political action committee obtained the video and shared it with the Inquirer after the June 5 primary.

Grossman, a lawyer by trade, won the primary and was set to face off against Democrat Jeff Van Drew in November for New Jersey’s second congressional district.

Van Drew, with $400,000 in his war chest, has deep pockets compared to the $10,000 in Grossman’s campaign fundsm, according to the Inquirer. It was unclear if Republican donors will help out Grossman. If the funding disparity continues, statistics suggest that the Democrat will win the race. The candidate who has a funding edge wins more than 90 percent of the times, according to the Washington Post.

Grossman unabashedly stood firm when confronted with the video.

“I said it,” Grossman proudly admitted. “I believe in America that each individual should be judged on nothing but his or her talent, character and hard work. I’m rejecting the whole premise of diversity as a virtue.”

In his delusional world, African-Americans will share his view about the “traditional ways that made America great.”

“Once we say that the Republicans want these traditional ways that made America great for all these years, then maybe African Americans would realize that when we enforce our immigration laws, there’ll be more opportunity for Americans of all backgrounds,” Grossman said.

Congressional Republicans are trying to defend their control of the House against Democrats who see an opportunity to win races against conservatives like Grossman who spark outrage among the liberal base.


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