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Ben Carson’s stint as secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been packed with displays of his inhumanity. From a proposal to triple the rents for people in subsidized housing to countless lawsuits to telling a woman she needs to get married to get out of poverty, Carson is a heartless disaster. He continued his soulless ways with a visit to a homeless shelter in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

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During the Obama years, homelessness in Detroit went down nearly 20 percent. But now under the Trump administration and with the threat of funding being slashed for social programs, homelessness could peak,  which is why shelters like the Mariners Inn in Detroit need federal funding.

Carson visited Mariners Inn because it receives HUD money, and they are asking for more federal money because their budget has already been slashed, according to Carina Jackson, Mariners’ chief operating officer. Carson’s response to the homeless shelter’s request for more money? He said the government can’t afford to help because they have to spend money on the military—and he told them to dig into the “private sector,” which they already do. Detroit Free Press reports he said, “There’s a lot more money in the private sector than in the government. If we continue to accumulate debt at the rate that we are right now, by the year 2048 …. every penny the government makes will be spent on servicing the debt, which won’t leave … money for any program, including military.”

Clearly, Carson does not know it is his job as secretary of Housing and Urban Development to fight for federal funding—not arrive at a homeless shelter and say, “Sorry, can’t help you,” especially when Trump plans to spend millions of dollars on a military parade in November. reports the “estimated ” cost of the parade will be a whooping $12 million.

Furthermore, if Carson is pushing the homeless off to the private sector, why doesn’t he donate a few million? Put your money where your callous heart is, Ben.


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