A New York Post op-ed expresses sympathy for the San Francisco man who sprayed a homeless woman with water and wondered "why it doesn’t happen more."

8-year-old Taji Johnson is paying it forward by providing tents for the homeless in South Carolina.

Rihanna recently donated essential items to veterans facing homelessness in Los Angeles.

New York's new mayor Eric Adams is stuck on bringing back a version of broken windows policing. 

With 52% of Atlanta’s population being black, one could assume all the city's growth means black folks in Atlanta should be winning, but sadly they are not.

Two fifth-graders from Augusta, Georgia raised money to donate gifts to children staying at a local shelter.

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young helped feed over 500 families in need this Thanksgiving weekend.

After being diagnosed with a life-altering illness, 13-year-old Adeola "Abraham" Olagbegi used his Make-A-Wish opportunity to feed the homeless in his city.

Fudge says that when coupled with the full promise of the Biden administration's Build Back Better Agenda, this is a chance in a lifetime to fundamentally transition the way individuals and families are housed and supported in communities. Housing affordability also includes homeownership and support for making that pathway more accessible to a broader group of people.

Jaden Smith will provide the Skid Row community with personal care items from his mother Jada’s new eco-friendly brand.

A 10-year-old chess prodigy who overcame homelessness has won the title of National Chess Master.

Jaden Smith is opening a restaurant that will provide free food for the homeless.