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Two Black women at a pizzeria in Dallas were called “darkies,” accused of having knives and had the police called on them recently. Yep, just another day of being Black in America.

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Tamika Sanders said that she and her aunt, Shiri Gupton, went to Carmine’s Pizzeria on Friday before they were attacked by the manager just because they walked in the restaurant.

“He threatened us. Yelled racial slurs; called us ‘darkies’ then proceeded to call the police and act as though we were the ones threatening him! A racist business owner.,” Sanders wrote on Facebook ion a post accompanied by a video of the ordeal.

She continued: “Others were there. They did nothing. Said nothing. One guy tried to tell me that he was really a nice guy. How? He had his fist clenched at his sides when he approached me and yelled for me to get the ‘fuck out’! He told the police we ‘might have knives’. Said that WE had a racial problem with HIM.”

See the full post below with video of the racist man.

After the story went viral, a person who identified herself as a driver for Uber Eats claimed on Yelp the manager’s wife shoved the pizza box in his hands in an apparent instance of racism:

“As I was walking out of the front door with my delivery order, I heard her say ‘F*ck you, ni***r.’ I came back in and asked what she just said, and she had no problem repeating it.”

The post’s writer said she “reported it to Uber, followed up for about a week, and they didn’t do anything at all.”

According to Eater Dallas, “When Eater contacted Carmine’s Pizzeria, Pinto declined to comment on the incident, and the Dallas Police Department was unable to provide any additional information.”

How disgusting it is that this restaurant is allowed to conduct business this way.


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