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Stacey Abrams is moving forward with a strong campaign for Georgia’s governor office ahead of the midterm elections next month.

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Abrams, who is on the road to becoming the nation’s first Black female governor, released a new ad on Tuesday (Oct. 16). The candidate, who is running against Georgia Secretary Of State and Republican Brian Kemp, talks about how her childhood and upbringing helped shape her desire to run for governor. “Growing up we didn’t have much. But my family’s challenges showed me what’s possible,” Abrams said in the clip. “I’m running for governor because I believe we can continue the progress we’ve made by building each other up not by tearing each other down.”

Abrams also has been speaking out against voter suppression and rallied with other Georgia residents for a group of Black seniors who were blocked from early voting on Monday. “My goal is to make certain that every person be able to cast their vote,” Abrams said to Think Progress. “That’s why I wanted to come to Louisville to just encourage everyone to take advantage of the chance to early vote.”

The candidate has also participated in Atlanta’s Pride Parade and energized voters in the LGBT community on Sunday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. “We’re here because we stand together, because we know that allies do not run from fights. And because we know we all have pride in Georgia,” Abrams said. “We stand with you and not against you.”

Kemp is busy facing several allegations of voter suppression targeting people of color. He has vehemently denied the allegations, but civil rights groups aren’t buying his statement, Governing reported.

The midterm elections are on Nov. 6.


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