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This isn’t a shocker. Richard Spencer, a man whose entire career is built on being hateful, is also a wife-beater.

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Nina Koupriianova, Richard Spencer’s wife of over eight years, is filing for divorce from the white nationalist leader. According to BuzzFeed, she is accusing him of being “physically, emotionally, verbally and financially abusive.” The have two children together. She also claimed he has a drinking problem and even verbally attacked the babysitter, calling her a “f*cking sub-mediocre human being.”

In the graphic court docs, Russian-born Koupriianova details“being hit, being grabbed, being dragged around by her hair, being held down in a manner causing bruising, and being prevented from calling for help.” She also said much of the abuse happened around their children.  In addition, she says that his public speeches have caused threats to the family and “[Spencer] continues to engage in extremely polarizing public speech advocating ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’ and a white-only ‘ethno-state’ which tends to invite passions and violence.”

In the court filings, Spencer, 40, denied everything, stating, “I dispute many of her assertions” and “denies each, every, and all allegations.”

Both of them tried to keep the court filings sealed but the judge ruled that sealing the case would “infringe upon Article II, Section 9 of the Montana Constitution and the Freedom of the Press under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

Looks like this is further proof that Spencer is a hateful human being. Let’s revisit the glorious moment when he was socked in the face.

Make America great again, Richard.


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