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Norman Easy was a decorated former officer in the National Guard, who served two tours of duty in Iraq. On Dec. 7, the 57-year-old boarded a China Eastern Airlines jet at JFK Airport to fly to Shanghai to finalize a deal for his job with Siemens Healthineers USA. His family never heard from him again.

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The New York Post reports he was scheduled to arrive on the evening of Dec. 8 and his wife Nixtia Easy said he did not contact her. “I told my son, I said, ‘Daddy has not called, and that is not right. Daddy always calls us,'” according to The Post.

Nixtia contacted his co-workers in Shanghai. Per The Post, “She said one co-worker went to a police station and spoke with a cop who said he’d been at the airport because a person matching Easy’s description had died on an inbound flight. The co-worker then told the family to contact the US Consulate General in Shanghai, which gave them the devastating news.”

Sadly, they have received multiple stories, claiming he passed away three hours before landing or 30 minutes before landing. In addition, it has not been explained why he suddenly died on the flight. The New York Post also reports, “Chinese authorities have refused to release his dad’s body unless the family signs a waiver agreeing not to challenge an official account of what happened.”

Norman Easy’s 28-year-old son Marcus said, “There is a fear that his body is not being taken care of, or being tampered with, and evidence is being tampered with. It’s been 11 days, and we have no idea what methods are being used to preserve his body.”

The New York Post adds, “Neither the US State Department, the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, China Eastern Airlines nor Siemens returned requests for comment.”


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