Black people have played an important role in China's cultural and economic history. Here's what we know about their rich legacy.


The coronavirus-inspired anti-Black racism experienced by Africans in China hasn't gotten any better since it was exposed last month, according to an African leader in the Asian country.

The deadly coronavirus was spreading quicker than previously feared in the U.S as Trump was reportedly set to add more countries to his travel ban. Just not China.

LeBron James finally chimed in on the ongoing protests in China and the results were probably not what he expected.

The NBA has prided itself in part by being one of, if not thee most outspoken professional sports league on politics and social justice. But that trend seemed to come to a grand closing this week.

Lt. Col. Norman Easy served 2 tours in Iraq.

Not only could the UCLA freshmen go to prison for shoplifting, racism against Black people in China could carry over into court.

There are way too many subliminal and overt racist messages to unpack here.

China placed Beijing on a mandatory red alert, closing schools and minimizing construction due to extreme smog affecting the air quality in the large capital.

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According to a new report, China recently put the U.S. on blast for their racial discrimination and police brutality issues, although the nation has condemned the country about their human rights record. China also said that the incidents where African-Americans are murdered at the hands of police “exposed the feature, gravity and complexity of human rights problems in […]