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While the country is trying to recover from a government shutdown, Tamar Braxton was reportedly trying to recover from getting smacked by Olympian Lolo Jones. The two are on “Celebrity Big Brother” and the on-set drama rivals the Trump White House, according to *recent footage from* the show’s live feed.

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In case you missed it, “Celebrity Big Brother” airs a live feed, which allows subscribers to see what is happening in the house before the edited version airs. Within one hour of going live, the feed shut off three times due to Tamar and Lolo feuding. In one clip, Tamar says, “Y’all are real funny.”

The 36-year-old Olympian responded, “I’m not real funny. Here’s the problem today, you want me to tell you what happened and then you snap off on me.”

Braxton snaps right back: “Don’t start.”

Jones then jumps out of bed and yells, ”I’m gonna f**king start because you want to tell me … you asked me what the f**k and then you f**king pop off. So why the f**k would I not get mad? You do this every motherf**king day. Like don’t f**king start with me.”

The camera then goes black before cutting to Tamar coming into a room and Jones says, “I’m f**king cool…. Last night we all f**king stayed up…to make sure you’re f**king cool. Every day you are popping off on us.”

The live feed cut off again.

Cut to the two in the hallway and Braxton can be heard saying, “Next time somebody call me a bitch I’m just gonna start yanking.”

“Then do it,” Jones replied. Kandi Burruss, from “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is there telling the two to calm down.

“Then say it,” Braxton walks into Jones and the feed cuts. Fans online claim that Jones slapped Braxton so hard that her visor flew all the way off.

See the exchange below:

Fans slammed “Celebrity Big Brother” for editing out the fight and cutting the live feed. One user wrote, “The editing was TRASH. So they didnt show Round 3 of Tamar vs Lolo & they didnt show Kato telling Tamar to go back home to her son???”

Braxton has feuded with several people in the house, including Burruss. She was reportedly up to be eliminated from the show Monday night.


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