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Andrew Gillum may have lost his gubernatorial bid in Florida last year, but he apparently has his eyes firmly focused on the future. That much was undeniable after the former mayor of Tallahassee tweeted out a cryptic video on Friday that quickly prompted wild speculation about his political ambitions.

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The 41-second video is filled with a variety of scenes showing Gillum on the campaign trail as inspiring words from one of his speeches are both captioned on the screen and heard over some energetic music. The only words that accompanied the tweet of the video were simply, “3.20.19 | Miami, Florida |

But then the video ends, probably leaving the thousands of people who liked it and the hundreds who retweeted it to wonder: What does this mean and what exactly is happening in Miami on the 20th?

A click on the url for the website in question — named for his campaign motto — takes users to a web page that says in part, “Mayor Andrew Gillum is making a major announcement on March 20th.”

It didn’t help the speculation any when Symone Sanders tweeted early Saturday morning about how “excited” she was because she “got a preview of the big announcement.”

Florida news outlet WSVN reported that Gillum issued a press release Friday with some more bold words.

“We came so close to winning our state back last year. It still stings — especially when I think about the people who lose when we lose elections,” Gillum reportedly said. “We need to do everything in our power to make Donald Trump a one-term president.”

While we’ll all have to wait more than a week to find exactly what that “major announcement” will be, a closer look at what Gillum’s been up to since he graciously accepted defeat in November could provide a hint at his plans.

Gillum was in Austin, Texas, on Friday at the SXSW music festival and appeared at an event alongside Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. Considering that Gillum released the above video on the same day he met with the leader of the Democratic Party, people could be forgiven for assuming that meant the former mayor was being groomed for a run at the White House.

Shortly after his concession in November, Gillum took to Twitter and declared, “We are going to keep fighting. We will keep working. And in the end, I believe that we will win.”

While that sounds like standard political talking points following a failed campaign, those words could take on a renewed meaning four months later.

Adding to the dramatic political theater was the fact that Gillum reportedly met with former President Barack Obama in December. But when asked about his own presidential ambitions, Gillum didn’t confirm or deny them.

“I plan on being married to my wife. That is all I am planning,” he said at the time. “What I am committed to doing between now and 2020 is doing everything I can to make the state of Florida available and winnable for the Democratic nominee for president.”

Whether that meant he was thinking of running for president, seeking another public office or doing something completely different, we’ll all have to wait until March 20 to find out. But to let social media users tell it, Gillum is prepping for a run at the White House.


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