The ex-mayor faces up to 20 years in prison.


The announcement that Symone Sanders would join MSNBC as a host of new programs draws attention to the growing slate of Black pundits who have been slaying on cable news shows for years now.

Hall, an award-winning host and journalist, announced the good news in front of her studio audience during Tuesday's show.

Andrew Gillum did not rule out a return to politics during the interview in which he came out as bisexual. Here are five examples of politicians who have rebounded from scandals worse than Gillum's.


Andrew Gillum told Tamron Hall during an interview that he identifies as "bisexual."

Andrew Gillum and his wife will be interviewed on the season premiere of "The Tamron Hall Show" in what has been billed as a chance for the former Florida gubernatorial candidate to open up about his infamous hotel incident.

Andrew Gillum made a surprise return to public life on Monday by releasing a video testimonial to provide what he called a "personal update" on his life since he entered rehab months ago.

The media's request for access to bodycam footage and other relevant evidence from a hotel incident involving Andrew Gillum was being "processed," according to a new report.

GOP-leaning actor James Woods had his Twitter account suspended for tweeting a photo about Andrew Gillum, a Democrat who was recently caught up in a suspected drug incident at a Florida hotel.

An "Open Letter to Mayor Andrew Gillum, Black Men, and the Media That Scrutinizes Both" was published to encourage Black men to support Gillum and call out the news coverage over the hotel incident in Miami Beach.

Police in Florida said an investigation has begun over apparently leaked evidence associated with a suspected drug incident in a Miami hotel involving Andrew Gillum was published online.

Conservatives were rejoicing after photos leaked purported showing explicit images of Andrew Gillum, lending further credence to the suspicion he was the victim of a political setup.