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Michael Paul Adams, 27, is the white man who brutally killed Elijah Al-Amin, 17, on July 4. He slit his throat with a pocket knife all because he was “threatened” by his hip hop music. Adams was only out og jai for two days and his attorney is using the excuse that he was mentally ill. The Arizona Department of Corrections has now responded.

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According to The Washington Post, Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman Andrew Wilder wrote in a statement that Adams was not designated “seriously mentally ill.” The alleged killer had several run-ins with police and was released July 2 after being held on  charges that including aggravated assault.

Wilder also stated, “Prior to his release, Inmate Adams was provided contact information for services in the community such as continuing care, housing, welfare as well as other community resources. The tragic death is terrible, and Mr. Adams will have to answer for his alleged actions.”

On July 7, Adams’ attorney Jacie Cotterell told Good Evening Arizona, “This is a disabled person and he’s been released into the world and left to fend for himself, two days later — this is where we are.”

She claims the department of corrections failed “Elijah with no resources or psychiatric help even though he had a past of severe mental illness.”

On Thursday, July 4, Al-Amin got off work from Subway around 11:30 p.m. and visited his girlfriend. While at a a gas station in Peoria, Arizona, he was stabbed by Adams around 1:45 a.m. According to court records, Adams admitted he killed the 17-year-old because he was playing rap music that made him feel “unsafe” and he was being “proactive, not reactive” by killing the chid. He believed rap was a threat to himself and his community. Al-Amin reportedly had no interaction with Adams.

He was about to turn 18 in less than two weeks

Elijah’s father told KVOU, “2 o’clock came, 3 o’clock came, 4 o’clock came, I kept calling, calling,  calling, texting, texting, texting, and I wasn’t getting a response. I just had a feeling that something wasn’t right.”

He continued, “You took a helluva kid… He was a good kid, very good kid, always willing to help kids, help people in general.” Michael Adams was booked on a first-degree murder charge.

Watch his father below:


We hope Elijah Al-Amin gets justice.


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