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The documentary Leaving Neverland just snagged an Emmy award and the director for the movie had some words for Dave Chappelle in light of the win. Dan Reed called Chappelle’s jokes about Michael Jackson‘s rape accusers “revolting” and he said they made him “physically sick,” according to The Independent.

Reed’s comments came after Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy special Stick & Stones went hard on Jackson’s rape accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Dave flat out said that he doesn’t believe the alleged victims and even referred to himself as a “victim blamer.” He said if someone told him Jackson was molesting kids, he would respond “Well, what were those kids wearing at the time?”

Chappelle also said that even if Michael did commit the acts, “This kid got his di** sucked by the king of pop. All we get is awkward Thanksgivings for the rest of our lives. You know how good it must have felt to go to school the next day after that sh**?” He continued, “I know it seems harsh, but somebody’s gotta teach these kids. No such thing as a free trip to Hawaii. He’s going to want to look at your butthole or something.”

Director Dan Reed responded to Chappelle’s routine after Leaving Neverland, which documents the accounts of the alleged victims, won a Creative Arts Emmy on Saturday for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special.

“Chappelle is riding on a wave of being contrarian, being controversial, and this, to me, was revolting,” he said. “I felt physically sick listening to what he was saying.”

He continued, “You can make comedy out of so many other things. Why not do something brave instead of crapping on some victim of child rape?”

Safechuck and Robson also responded to Chappelle’s comedy special not too long after it premiered. “I’m heartbroken for all those children who look to see how they will be received when they finally find the courage to speak out about their sexual abuse,” said Safechuck. “I just want to reach out to other survivors and let them know that we can’t let this type of behavior silence us. Together we are strong.”

Robson added, “He can say whatever he wants. It reveals him, not us.”

Jackson was under investigation twice for accusations that he molested children. He didn’t face charges in 1994, however, he went to trial in 2005 and was acquitted of all counts.

Robson’s lawyer commented after Chappelle’s comedy special, saying “Although Mr. Chappelle is entitled to his opinions, however misinformed they may be, it’s unfortunate that he has chosen to use his platform to shame sexual abuse victims, and spread his ignorance of sexual abuse and the way it is perpetrated upon children, in an attempt to resurrect his career.”