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Kanye West has been on an anti-Black rant for a few years. Now, with the release of his “Jesus Is King” album, he is spitting out dated Fox News talking points.

Comedy Trevor Noah is not here for it, especially the insults to Black women.

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Noah is tired of West claiming Black people are brainwashed because they don’t think like him — someone who has never voted and is a proud non-reader of books. Noah said last night on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,” “I don’t disagree that you can have your own opinion… but this is what I don’t like, is when Kanye West and people like him will say, ‘Black people in America have been brainwashed… into voting for the Democrats, believing that they’re victims, but we’re not victims! We can vote Republican! We can do whatever we want!’”

The 35-year-old continued. “Then I’m like, okay, let me get this straight: you’re saying that every Black person in America is brainwashed? You’re saying that 70, 80, 90 percent of Black people who are voting Democrat, they’re brainwashed? So you’re saying you’re the only person who’s enlightened, and all these Black people are stupidly following this Democratic victim [narrative]?”

Noah then checked Kanye’s privilege, “You get to a point, and it’s true, when you are famous and rich enough as a Black person where it’s like, yeah, your life isn’t affected the same way by Republican policies. In fact, it may even be beneficial for you as a rich person to vote Republican because they’re like ‘less taxes,’ and you’re like, ‘Yeah, I’ll take that.’”

Clearly nothing but facts.

Noah also broke down the insults Kanye gives to Black voter who decides to not vote for the party of voter suppression — like Black women. He explained, “You know who doesn’t mess around with their votes in America? Black women. They don’t. They do not. And I refuse to live in a world where I go, ‘Black women have been brainwashed.’ No, I don’t think Black women in America have been—or can be—brainwashed. I think, if anything, Black women in America have the least leeway when it comes to messing around with their vote.”

He stressed Black women voters are clearly far from brainwashed and not victims.

The rapper has released his new album “Jesus Is King.” He recently told  Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, “Now I’m letting you know what Jesus has done for me,” he said. “I’m no longer a slave. I’m a son, now, a son of God. I’m thinking of something I wanna say out loud — Christian innovator. When you’re thinking about the church—because it has to stand on the word so hard — it loves to be extra traditional to the point of blocking innovation.”

He also made disgusting comments about the Black community, welfare and Democrats, even though more whites are on welfare. With no facts, Kanye argued Democrats make African-Americans “abort their children,” even though more white women get abortions.

Along with “Jesus is King,” West also hinted at an upcoming Christmas album called “Jesus Is Born.”


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