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STATEN ISLAND (WABC) — A suspect who escaped during a prisoner transfer outside a police precinct made a run for the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, where he was promptly caught.

The man was being moved out of the 120th Precinct to a waiting Corrections Department van when managed to escape.

He somehow broke free from a chain linking prisoners.

The escaped prisoner is identified as 22-year-old Naquan Thompson.

He was scheduled to be arraigned today on charges of first degree armed robbery from a December 13 incident at a deli. He and an unapprehended accomplice stole $1,200 and cigarettes.

Thompson, wearing an orange sweatshirt, fled on foot toward the St. George Ferry Terminal.

Police called a Level 1 mobilization, flooding the area in the search for the suspect.

He was quickly caught at the ferry terminal and taken back into custody

Responding officers trapped him on a train at the terminal, where he was held in the conductor’s car.

He was brought back to the police precinct, where he is facing more charges.

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