Participating in prison education decreases the chances of recidivism by 6.7 percentage points – from 46% to 39.3%.

Maxine Waters reassured her followers after a judge delayed the start of Trump's RICO trial.

If history surrounding the handling of classified documents is any indication, former President Donald Trump has a fairly good chance of being sent to prison if he's found guilty of the felony charges stemming from his latest criminal indictment.

After spending 33 years in prison for a crime he maintained he did not commit, Crosley Green was released from prison, only to be ordered back.


Derek Chauvin has been moved from a maximum-security Minnesota state prison to a medium-security federal prison in Arizona.

Good News

Common helped create a music recording studio for inmates at Stateville Correctional Center in Illinois.

Good News

The Boeing Company has invested $250,000 in Flikshop; a platform designed to combat recidivism.


Nelson Mandela was given a life sentence in 1964 after being convicted of plotting to sabotage the South African government, and he remained in prison until Feb. 2, 1990.

Gregory Bush, 53, will spend the rest of his life in prison for the 2018 hate crime shooting of Maurice Stallard, 69, and Vickie Lee Jones, 67, at a Kroger supermarket in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.

Derek Harris is freed after a former life sentence.


Ronnie Long fights for his freedom.

The movie will detail her life after being a victim of sex trafficking and being convicted of murder at 16.