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More disturbing details emerged in the shooting death of Andre’ Hill after new footage showed the 47-year-old Black man didn’t receive aid for several minutes after he was struck.

The Associated Press reports that Hill laid on the ground for roughly 10 minutes before officers attempted chest compressions. The officers at the scene were prompted to do so by a supervising officer who inquired if any aid was given to Hill. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

New bodycam video was taken from the vantage point of several officers, who accompanied officer Adam Coy to the scene of the crime. A majority of the footage was taken from Officer Amy Detweiler, who was near Coy at the time of the shooting.

Coy shot Hill while he held a cell phone on Dec. 22 in Columbus, Ohio around 1:30 a.m. Hill was visiting the residents of the house where he was killed.

Prior to administering aid, Detweiler attempts to block off the scene with tape. Detweiler also handcuffs Hill as he lays on the ground at the instruction of other officer’s who arrived.A woman can be seen exiting the home to vouch that Hill is innocent, but officer’s instruct her to return inside and she obliges.

Detweiler can be heard telling another officer, “I didn’t shoot…I didn’t see what he saw.”

In a separate interview with WCMH Detweiler told the outlet that she heard Coy yell, “There’s a gun!” even though he was unarmed. No weapons were recovered at the scene.

Coy was terminated from the force on Dec. 28 and Detweiler was placed on administrative duty until the investigation concludes. Coy and Detweiler were reprimanded for turning their cameras off prior to the shooting, then switching them on directly after the shooting. Initial footage of the shooting was captured from Coy’s camera using a “look back” feature which recorded about 60 seconds of footage prior to the time the camera was activated.

“One of the core values of the Columbus division of police is compassion, and the body-worn camera video released today shows little of that,” said Police Chief Tom Quinlan.

“Andre Hill should be alive today and his death is indefensible! The rampant police mentality to shoot first and ask questions later is incontrovertible evidence that Black lives don’t matter with too many law enforcement officers,” Hill’s family attorney Benjamin Crump wrote on Twitter.

Over the holiday weekend Crump posted footage of Hill sharing a positive message on social media.

#AndreHill shared this positive message just last year. Andre was a happy man who loved his family & his LIFE. He should be alive today… As we reflect on the year that’s ending, may we not forget the families who have lost their loved ones this tumultuous year,” Crump tweeted.


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